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Master Cast, Inc.
106 S. Mallory Ave.
Batavia, IL 60510
(630) 879-3866
Master Cast would like to be your single source supplier of permanent mold aluminum castings. In our 35 years of experience we have cast-in everything from bolts and studs to electric heating elements and stainless steel tubing. We commonly pour alloy 356 and 319 and manufacture castings ranging from a few ounces to 100 pounds.
As a full service foundry, we provide the following:
 Permanent Molds
 CNC machining
 Vibratory finishing
 Any number of name brand non-stick coatings
 Short runs and prototypes in aluminum, brass or bronze in sand.
We promise to deliver high-quality, competitively priced castings in a reasonable time period. Our location in the mid-west helps us cover the entire country effectively.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art Thermtronix melting, spin degassing, and molten aluminum testing systems. Together, they insure that we have the purist, hydrogen free aluminum available for casting.

We strive to keep lead-times to a minimum with our in house mold shop.

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